Young people are rad.
Young people are not the future, they are the leaders of today. Youth are whole people that inherently have value — they do not need to be changed or fixed. Our organization uplifts the needs, voices, and humanity of young people and we follow their lead.

We fix systems, not people.
If a plant doesn’t grow we don’t blame the plant, but the environmental conditions that don’t allow it to thrive. Similarly, we believe that societal injustice — not broken people — is responsible for the challenges impacting our communities. We invite people to build power and work together toward a more just world.

We are intersectional feminists.
We honor the voices of marginalized peoples, and center those most impacted by oppression–especially those with multiple marginalized identities. All bodies are welcome here, because all people deserve space to show up as their whole selves.

Relationships are our superpower.
Our lives are intertwined, and what affects each of us affects every person that we are connected to. While every individual is powerful, we know that we are strongest together and that community is our first tool for changing the world. When we use our assets to help others, we improve the wellbeing of our community and take care of ourselves.

Learning happens on our terms.
Because everyone has a right to self-determination, we are here to help one another grow in the ways we decide for ourselves. We build a supportive and joyful environment to share skills and insights, heal from trauma, and be vulnerable.