Thanks to the generosity of our extended Big Citizen HUB community, we have been able to raise funds for our community members who need support with DACA renewals and other immediate immigration-related expenses. If you or a member of your family would like to apply for funds, please apply here. Your application will be reviewed by a small committee of Big Citizen HUB staff.

Here is how we will disseminate funds:

  • Any Big Citizen member who needs assistance with a DACA renewal in their household can complete a short application for funds.
  • Big Citizen HUB staff will distribute funds using the following criteria:
    • Big Citizen HUB youth, siblings, and parents/guardians will be prioritized.
    • DACA Renewals will get immediate attention.
    • Any excess funds will be rolled into a fund to cover immigration-related expenses including but not limited to legal fees and filings, and assistance with deportation proceedings.

We will continue to raise funds through September 24th and will then disseminate funds to those who have applied for assistance. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.